ENSO-SENZO (Body-Art Project No.16) 2024, London

Photography & Video: Alba Cid
Model & Story artist: Kamila CK
Calligraphy & Poem: Rie Takeda

Body-Art Project by Japanese artist and calligrapher Rie Takeda

Poem transcription


Who would have thought it?
That I would suddenly fall into such a warm, deep and perfect circle
That it led to an unknown world.
To be honest, I don’t remember when this line started.
Maybe all the dots were the beginning.
Maybe it started around that time.
The window of my soul appeared and light began to pour in.
That was warm and pleasing.
It was very familiar to me.
This depends on the window of my soul.
If the line is thin and weak, that’s fine.
If the line is thick and the ink is smudged, that’s fine.
Even if the line is dry and rough, that’s good.
If the line is thick at the beginning and thin at the end, that’s okay.
If you are out of breath in the middle of a line, it’s okay to take another breath of air.
If you feel anxious, don’t be in a hurry.
Don’t force yourself to stop.
Just keep going with the flow.
Relax. It will be fine.
If it’s imperfect…
It’s perfect.
Don’t worry.
This line has no beginning and no end.
Breathe in,
When you breathe your strength into your belly
Just slowly head towards the window of your soul.
Trace the form of the light.
There are no boundaries there.
Let go of the corners and glide round the circle.
The ground will be gently waiting for you.
Just remember the light of your heart.
It is always with me and you.
The edge of this line.
To leave it open or
Or close it?
It is up to me
Until I reach enlightenment
I’ll leave it open a little.
There is only one stroke, one line, one circular phase
ENSO that lasts forever