Hi, I’m Alba Cid, I take photos and write. I’m interested in the stories that images tell, especially through what can’t be seen. In my spare time I am passionate about painting and enhancing my creative abilities, and I love the smell of turpentine mixed with oil paint.

Alba Cid
portada fotografía artística italia

My fine art photography work includes both commissioned work for my clients and my own fine art work. Specialising in the cultural and tourism sectors, you may be interested to take a look at my full services below.

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I help companies and professionals in the tourism and culture sectors to tell the story they want to tell. Both visually and in writing, I build unique narratives that fit your brand concept and visual identity. Certified by the Global Sustainable Travel Council GSTC in sustainable tourism and by the University of Barcelona in Cultural Entertainment Production, I have a precise and multifaceted vision of exactly what these two sectors need.

Photography & Video

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Storytelling & Visual identity

proyecto fotográfico vestida de sombra Alba Cid

Content Marketing

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