About the project


This collaborative project between dancer Ángela Alcántara Miranda and photographer Alba Cid explores the relationship between the ephemerality of movement and light, and the creative possibilities of shadows. Playing between different levels of shadow projection – on the body and of the body on the wall – themes such as nudity, stillness and movement are explored.

“”Nudity, beauty and truth form the notional trio that makes dance an intense search for life because it is oriented towards liberating the body. Freeing the body from what weighs it down, from moral ideas, from tight clothes and codified steps, means finding a new place in the cosmos. The movement of the dance is inspired by that of natural beings: fluid like waves, the body frees itself from the shackles of society while integrating into a nature that gives it back its truth” (Elsa Ballanfat, La traversée du corps)


proyecto fotográfico vestida de sombra Alba Cid

“It stretches, wrinkles, tightens. Unnecessary, residual, irrelevant. Fabric and drapery and rag. In this dialogue, any cloth is superfluous.”


proyecto fotográfico vestida de sombra Alba Cid
proyecto fotográfico vestida de sombra Alba Cid

“The skin lets itself be soaked when there are no layers to stop it. It is then that I understand that nudity is nothing more than the body’s readiness to receive.”




“Waiting becomes an empty space that brings me back to the present, it is stillness looking at movement. The journey is an opening to the unknown, ephemeral but permanent. While waiting I can look and see, sometimes outwards, sometimes inwards. It is a respite, a rest, a place for everything that didn’t have a place before. The journey would be nothing without waiting, just as movement is nothing without stillness.”



“To my eyes, her movement is ephemeral as is the shadow that dresses her. I freeze the gesture. I freeze the black that covers her.
Drenched in shadow, the darkness is the refuge that allows her to move freely in front of my lens, so that the gesture is, between us, the spoken word.”



“The light pierces my body, moves it, caresses it, moulds it. With this movement I see the light translating into shadow, revealing what is hidden. I receive light, I project shadow. I see myself in the shadow, I feel the light”.


“Like a cat waking up, the body prepares itself for the journey. Faced with the uncertain path of the unknown, we feel our nakedness more strongly. The opportunity to be again who we want to be. A blank canvas to fill in”.



“Dance makes the body the subject of philosophical discourse. With no object to attain, the dancer’s movement is performed for its own sake. The purpose of movement is movement itself.”

Elsa Ballanfat, La traversée du corps



Ángela Alácantara Miranda


Professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. Specialized in classical ballet and contemporary dance, she has worked with national and international choreographers. Currently, she works at the Ballet Preljocaj as a freelance dancer and combines it with others artistic projets. 

Alba Cid Castosa

photography & video

Photographer and digital marketing content creator. Specialised in cultural management at the University of Barcelona and sustainable tourism at the GSTC, she creates photographic content based on a unique narrative and atmosphere in each project.


Alan Denis de la Sierra


Independent musician, composer and producer from Madrid specialized in percussion and drums, Ibero-American folklore, singer-songwriters… He is currently working on musical projects such as Pedro Pastor, Faneka, La Pena and Ombligo.


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