About me

A little about me

Passionate about art and travel, I am dedicated to promoting cultural heritage conservation and sustainability in art & tourism, as well as participating in various artistic collaborations.

Initially, I specialised my career in Cultural Management and became involved in performing arts production, managing tours for dance companies. After a series of travels and volunteering, I turned to the world of tourism in order to do my bit for sustainability in the tourism industry.

Today, these two paths, far from contradicting each other, are complementary. Being part of that generation that knew the slow times before the internet, my artistic creation has a lot to do with that return to the analogue, to the patience to obtain the image, to the value of the process over the result.

Through it I seek to get to know the world around me better. It is not only a form of expression but also a means of helping to recover remnants and vestiges of the past. I make contemporary use of historical techniques in order to contribute to recovering and preserving them.