Hi, I’m Alba Cid, although not my namesake the poet. I take photos. I’m interested in the stories that images tell, especially through what can’t be seen. I also paint and write, and I love the smell of turpentine mixed with oil paint.

A photographer and content creator, my career has always been linked to the world of art, culture and travel. In an age that is increasingly saturated with images, in which we are seemingly hyper-connected but increasingly isolated, the need to put people at the centre has become a must for me.

In this sense, I believe in the power of artistic creation both as a form of human expression and as a means of highlighting people’s traditions and know-how.

Specifically, I do artistic photography, and with it I seek to support professionals in the arts and heritage sectors, as well as in the field of sustainable tourism. in the creation of irreplaceable images that add value to their work. I also develop my own creation of fine art photography based on a continuous and personal research.

I am particularly interested in visual storytelling, that is, the ability of images to tell stories. Not only have stories always been part of us, but each person and/or brand has its own story that deserves to be told.

Finally, it has always been a distinctive trait of mine that I like to explore new paths, which is why I am particularly attracted to multidisciplinary creations and experimental and/or analogue techniques that focus on the materiality and plasticity of the work.

Alba Cid

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