3 | Spinach anthotype

Photography made with spinach

This anthotype has been created with spinach. For the dilution I used alcohol (vodka) and it was exposed to sunlight for about 10 hours. I decided not to filter it so that some organic matter from the spinach would remain on the paper, as I think it enriches the result and differentiates it from watercolour painting.

spinach antotypia

In this photograph we can see behind the picture the field in which it was exposed to the light. This work has a lot to do with the natural environment, not only because it is a sustainable and responsible process, using an organic element instead of chemicals, but also because of its artistic intention.

The green colour of the spinach is related to the image reproduced (a forest landscape and a silhouette of a woman in it), as it seeks to represent the woman’s connection with nature and her belonging to the natural world. The green of the monochrome photograph blends in with the green of the surroundings.

This work seeks to recover and preserve the technique of anthotype (XIX century), nowadays very much in disuse, and to give it a contemporary look. I am particularly interested in this technique because it is environmentally friendly.

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